Elder Care Services, llc

Since 2001 our ElderCare experience includes extensive work with geriatric health issues.  We have good communications skills, particularly with the elderly, excellent mediation techniques and facilitation skills.  We have knowledge of medical terminology along with a good working relationship with the medical community, local physicians, and our local hospitals.  In addition, we are knowledgeable and known by all the local nursing and assisted living facilities in the area.  We have strong skills in assessing the needs of the elderly and are knowledgeable of community resources.  The Trust Departments, Financial Planners, Investment Managers and local Attorneys know our skills of managing elder affairs.

We look forward to serving you and making life better for our elderly; they are our country's greatest resource.

Please call us for a consultation and we will structure a plan of care that fits your family's needs.

Office:  (352) 406-6768

Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 491254
Leesburg, FL  34749

Fax:  (352) 326-8011

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